Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: July 1, 2015

Who is Bob?

Bob is the creator of Psst! Anonymous. Is Bob his real name? No. Bob is the fictional name created by the Psst community and has served its purpose well.

I skipped the tutorial and don't know what to do?

See "How does Psst! work?" below.

How does Psst! work?

I take it you skipped the tutorial? Shame on you! Well the good news is that the tutorial is always available from the Settings > Help menu. Share your opinions, photos, news, experiences and funny jokes openly and anonymously with the community. After 48 hours the post disappears forever. Vote on your favorites and comment and interact with your opinions. The more interesting the post, the more likely it will get up voted and receive more comments. Message users to chat anonymously by clicking on their IDCon next to their post or comment.

How do I add a friend?

To add a friend

From private messages, swipe to the right and click “add friend.”

If you know the username, swipe to the People panel and click the Red Circle with the + icon.

How do I create a post?

In order to create a post swipe to the Feeds panel and click on the Red Circle with the Pencil sign at the bottom. There are several types of posts.

Create a quick Post

  1. Type your post
  2. Swipe left or right on the post to change your background color
  3. Click Post

Create a Post with a Photo from your Camera

  1. Type your post
  2. Add a photo directly from your camera by clicking on the Photo icon then select camera. Take the picture and once you are satisfied click on the check mark. Adjust your photo to fit within the limitations of the box and click done. Type your post and click post.
  3. Click Post

Create a Post with a photo from your Photo Gallery

  1. Type your post
  2. Add a photo from your gallery by clicking on the Photo icon then select gallery. Choose your photo and click done when you are satisfied with the image. Type your post and click the post button.
  3. Click Post

Other Options within a post

  1. Turn on your location within a feed post by clicking on the Location icon
  2. Turn on your handle within a feed post by clicking on the Handle

Can I share photos from other apps directly into Psst?

Yes. You can share a photo directly to a Post or a Message. Here's how

  1. From the app you are you sharing from (i.e. Photo Gallery) Click the Share button and click on Psst Feed Post or Psst Message
  2. Crop the imagine to the limitations of the box and click done.
  3. Type your post or message
  4. Click Post or Send

Why does Psst! need my email address?

Your email address is only used in case you forget your password. (It's not "Password123" is it?) We promise not to send you unsolicited mail or give your email to any shady corporations offering free candy.

What are IDCons? Can I choose my IDCon?

An IDCon is the circular icon located to the left of each comment and post. They are unique to each person within a single post. This means that if 20 people comment on a post, they each will have a different and random IDCon to help differentiate who is who. The only time you can choose IDCons are when editing your friends list. More on that down below. (This isn't completely true, you can have 2 of the same IDcons within a post but their differentiating factor will be the colour of the IDcon)

Why don't I have a cool name (Public Handle) like everyone else?

A handle is a personalized identifier. It is a way to let others know who you are. You may choose to remain anonymous, or you can set a public handle in the Settings > My Account menu. While you're there, you can set your public handle to always show handle. This means that every time you post or comment your public handle will be displayed. You can also set your public handle off and manually turn it on when posting or commenting.

Why is everyone posting about dogs, food, selfies, etc.?

While you are free to post anything that falls within the rules, sometimes you will find that certain topics trend. There may be a mass amount of posts related to one topic. Maybe you will see everyone's eyes one day, and all their pets the next. Some users may regularly make posts related to a single topic as well. Also see "Why are there hashtags?"

Why are there #Hashtags?

No, you're not on twitter. Hashtags on Psst! serve the same purpose though. You can add a hashtag to your post and it will tag and categorize your post. If you post "#puppylove here is my dog!" users will see a post that says "here is my dog!" and it will be categorized under #puppylove. More features will be added using hashtags soon. You can add a hashtag anywhere in your post. The hashtag will automatically be placed on the top right hand corner of your post in blue writing.

Why did my post get up/down voted?

Content is governed by the voting system. Communal interest moderates the aggregate interest. Downvotes and upvotes are an integral part of the system. They are not to show interest in people but rather their content.

It is not a competition or popularity contest. Downvotes are not meant to offend users. If you feel bothered by downvotes you have the option of turning your vote notification off in Settings > Notifications > Feed post votes and click off.

The voting system was implemented to allow the community to show interest or disinterest in a particular post. One vote will not affect your post but several will. Several up votes will put your post in the "Highest Voted" filter, while a cumulative down vote to -6 will remove your post from the main feed and into "The Bar." If your post is down voted to -12, your post will be deleted.

More info on the voting system can be found in the Psst! Medium blog Or from Settings > Our Medium Blog.

How do I follow a post without commenting?

Click on the post and select the “watch” option. . This will allow you to receive notifications from a post without commenting on the post.

Why should I follow someone?

If you like the content of a particular user, you have the option to follow that user. When you follow a user, you will be notified when that user creates a new post. There are 2 ways to follow someone on Psst!:

Click on their post and click the follow button

Within a post, click on the IDCon beside their comment and click the follow button

Who's following me? Who did I follow?

There is no way to tell who is following you on Psst! or who you are following. Psst! is a content based application. The purpose of the follow option is to allow you to follow content and not people. It is not a popularity contest.

How do I stop following someone?

In order to stop following someone

Click on their post and click the unfollow button

Within a post, click on the IDCon beside their comment and click the unfollow button

Reset your following to zero by going to Settings > My account > Reset following

How do I get rid of my followers?

There is no option to get rid of your followers on Psst!

I am offended by what (this person) just posted

Posting, while it's still within rules, may be offensive to some. If the post violates the rules, report it and it will be reviewed. If the post is offensive and/or not interesting, down vote the post and it will be removed from your feed. If the community agrees, and down votes enough, the post will be sent to the bar. Psst is community driven and posts will be sorted according to the opinions of the community. If you do not want to see posts by this person again you have the option to block them.

Click on the post then click the 3 circles in the top right hand corner and click block this person.

How do I report a post?

There are 3 dots located in the top right corner. Click on report this post. . This will notify administrators to review the post or comments that are within the post. This option is for severe cases and should be used when solutions cannot be met within the post.

I want to block (this person)

There is an option to block someone. This is a permanent option to remove content posted by the individual as well as private messages sent from them. THIS IS IRREVERSABLE. You cannot unblock someone, so be careful in choosing this option. You will no longer see posts created by this user or receive private messages from this user. They can still see and comment on your posts. To block someone:

Select the post, click on the top 3 buttons in the right hand corner and select “block this person” From a private message, swipe to the right and click the block button

What is the share option for?

The share option allows you to share a post to other apps and within Psst! itself. If you want to share a post via message or perhaps share it to another Psst! user, this option will let you do it.

How do I change/ choose my icon (IDCon)

IDCons (icons) are what identifies you on a post. These are randomly selected when you post. They cannot be chosen for posts. You can however, select different IDCons for friends you have added by selecting that friend and selecting the pen icon on the right side.

Can my username be connected to my post?

People who have added you as a friend may be able to connect your profile and username to posts you have created. If you have 16 followers and 3000posts, that is unique to you and your content. This happens when individuals watch what you post and compare it to posts you have created.

Who is this anonymous person posting?

While many people choose to use a public handle, others choose to be anonymous. This is completely at the discretion of the user. You can select someone's IDCon and see their stats including:

  • Date joined
  • Last seen online
  • Number of posts
  • Number of comments

You also have the option to follow or message the user.

You can use this information to determine and compare this to information you have collected from other posts.

How do I see my profile?

Your stats are available by selecting your own IDCon or going in to Settings > My accountb or clicking on your own IDCon within a post.

Are my followers and the people I follow public knowledge?

No. You are the only person who can see how many followers you have or how many people you are following. You can find this information in Settings > My account.

I am receiving notifications about (random things)

You can adjust your notification settings in Settings > Notifications. Here you change what notifications you receive on Psst! You can set whether you want to be notified on up/down votes, comments, sounds, and other options.

Someone delete my post!!!

This is caused by one of three reasons:

Your post was downvoted to -12 and was removed from the feeds

Your post has expired after the 48 hour mark and was removed to avoid system clutter

Your post was removed by admin because it was in violation of the rules of conduct.

If you think your post was deleted, it may have been moved to “the bar.” Select the filter icon in the top right hand corner of the main feeds and click on “The Bar.”

I just got 42 notifications on a post that I don't care about.

In the 3 dots on the top right, you can choose to unsubscribe from a post that you no longer wish to receive notifications for. This is handy if you are being bombarded with notifications and are no longer interested in the content.

How do I send a message?

There are a few ways to initiate a message.

Select the 3 dots from a user's post and click on Send OP a message.

Select an IDCon from the comments within a post and select Message from the popup profile.

Select a friend from your friends list and select New Message.

Swipe to the Inbox and click Red Circle at the bottom with the Pencil icon.

When writing a message from your friends list, you can choose to add a photo as a background.

If you swipe to the left, you will see the previous message that they are responding to.

I keep receiving messages from private users!

Psst! prides itself on identity-less private chat. Chat through feeds privately without your identity.

If someone messages you from a post, you will receive a message from "private." You are able to turn this on and off from Settings > Personalization & Security > Private messaging.

When you receive a private message, swipe the right to see which post this person messaged you from. If the person has commented in the post, the IDCon of the message will match the IDCon from the post.

Will I lose data if I log out and back in?

No. Modified friends lists, messages will remain intact. Your settings will be reset to default and notifications will be deleted.

Why can’t I send a photo message?

Photo messages are specifically reserved for those on your friends list. You cannot send picture messages via private message. This is to avoid unwanted photos/spam in your inbox. If you want to send a photo message, add the person as a friend.

Why did my message disappear?

Messages have a time limit when opened. You can adjust this from 1-60 seconds using the red slider bar below the text screen. Messages are immediately deleted after they're read from the device and our server. Messages are fully encrypted with auto lock and shake to lock protects you at all times.

Psst is not your normal messenger. Your inbox is always empty and there are no traces of messages sent or received.

How do I turn on my location/handle?

This is set globally in settings. This determines if your post will show by default. You can turn these on or off on the fly in your notifications window using the icons at the bottom or you can choose to turn them on or off manually for specific posts or comments.

I keep getting up/down votes?

This is a common question. Votes are based on interest. While some may find your post interesting or disinteresting, it takes several votes to send you to the bar. It's common to receive one or two down votes based on content. If you receive several down votes, consider the content of your post and try something different next time.

Why am I receiving messages late?

If you are running battery saving applications such as Greenify, these applications will stop push messages. Either disable the application or white list Psst!

To check whether messages are coming through, select Settings > My account and click on the sync icon.

Questions, Comments and Support

Psst! welcomes comments, questions, concerns, suggestions and offers support to help you get the best possible experience. Please send feedback or support request to psstchat @